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Random Thoughts:  Volume Six
Wisdom for the Ages.  Or the Aged.  Or Whatever.
January 30, 2014


Sometimes things roll around in my brain until they come spilling out.  

Here are just a few.

  • I propose a constitutional amendment:
    People whose job requires them to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution must pass a test on it and sign it before they can begin their jobs.

  • Women need to stop joining the military until the military stops rewarding rapists.

  • I don't understand WHY so many men tolerate rape, and even think it's a subject for "jokes".

  • The problem with Congress is that Republicans have no morals and Democrats have no “spine”.

  • If the 99% did more lobbying, the 1% would have less power.  Why We Need More Lobbyists.

  • The last thing any Republican wants is an educated workforce. Or electorate.

  • Stop voting for the people who want to destroy your life.

  • Just as you care for your home, so must you care for your world.

  • Pittsburgh should have an annual "rescue the morons from the side of the hill" festival.  Then we could get all of these incidents over with at once. If you’re not from Pittsburgh, Google  “stuck on Mt. Washington”.

  • “42” is a great movie.   Corporate America needs a batch of Branch Rickeys now. 

  • President Obama is the Jackie Robinson of politics.

  • We need to stop hiring jackasses to be cops.

  • If you don't like the things I say, you should hear the things I don't say.

  • Everything You Think You Know About Welfare is Wrong. Welfare in America: Myths and Facts.

  • I'll go for drug testing welfare recipients. As long as we test ALL of them.  That means all oil, car and bank company execs and all pro sports team owners.  Mario Lemieux and Dan Rooney first. And then YOU. We Are All Welfare Recipients.

  • Don't criticize union members for the benefits they have.  If you want benefits, THEN JOIN A UNION.

  • The American Medical Association should expel from its membership any “doctor” who works for a health insurance company.  It’s a conflict of interest and a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.  Doctors are supposed to provide health care.  Health insurance companies prevent people from getting health care.  I don’t care how many medical schools you went to.  If you work for a health insurance company, you are not a doctor.

  •  Real life is not like your TV.  Stuff takes time.

  •  There will be abortions as long as there are pregnant women.  THAT is why we need real sex education and contraceptive education in schools.

  • No significant social, economic, or political change has ever happened anywhere in the world without some form of protest or demonstration.

  •  WHY is it that we can make nuclear power plants some of the safest places on earth to work, but we can’t make our coal mines safe?

  • Spend a day volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  Make it a family event.  You’ll learn a lot.

  • If we stop lying to our kids that marijuana is dangerous, then maybe they’ll believe that heroin really is dangerous.

  • If you want peace, work for justice.

  • So many people whine about the government controlling everything because they think it really does.

  • Judging by the way most people write these days, they should sue their third grade English teachers for malpractice.

  • A parent’s job is not to protect kids from life. Our job is to teach them how to handle it.

  • Children who are babied grow up to be idiots.

  • Read the U.S. Constitution. It will be an hour well spent.  It doesn’t say what you probably think it does. U.S. Constitution.

  • Some people are just too stupid to be walking around loose.

Have a good day!

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