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Best of Community Matters

32 of the best essays from Pat's Community Matters news column.  Published 2009  ​                  


  • Of the People, By the People, For the People
  • Know Your Bill of Rights
  • The 111th Congress Is Open for Business
  • The Legislative Process
  • You Can Be a Lobbyist
  • US Senate Holds Confirmation Hearings
  • What's a Filibuster and Why Does It Matter?
  • The Federal Budget Process Never Ends
  • How Does the Electoral College Work?
  • Barack Obama to be Inaugurated 44th US President
  • What Does the Vice President Do?
  • Navigating the Bureaucracy
  • US Supreme Court Session Opens

Social Issues

  • Thank a Union Member
  • Employee Free Choice Act Protects You
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Today is World Food Day
  • You Can Protect Human Rights
  • Homeless Persons Memorial Day

​Public Policy

  • Defining Standard Economic and Political Terms
  • Why Should We Vote?
  • How Safe is Our Election?
  • Beware the Politics of Distraction 
  • Are You a Patriot?
  • Community Benefits Agreements
  • Be Sure to Get All of Your Income Tax Deductions
  • How the Economic Stimulus Act Helps You
  • Government Web Portal Offers the World
  • Watch Your Government in Action on Real Reality TV
  • Celebrate the United Nations
  • The US Must Prosecute Torture

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The Ten Biggest Lies In America

This is not a conspiracy theory. 

I don't think "the government", "mainstream media",

and "corporate America" have teamed up against us. 

I do know that spreading these lies enables many

agencies, companies, banks, organizations, and people

to grasp and hold power.

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Media Presentations

We can use your photos, documents, and other mementoes

to create a permanent, attractive record in a PowerPoint DVD slide show.

We'll add narration, music, titles, original art,

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Price varies with project.

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A More Perfect Union

What does the US Constitution really say?

Nearly every day, there is news of the latest government actions or policies, and debate over whether they are Constitutional.  

Now you can judge for yourself.

A More Perfect Union is a handy, portable edition of the U.S. Constitution, along with several brief articles on its

history, details, and how you can influence your elected officials.


  • Constitution of the United States of America
  • History and explanation of the Constitution
  • U.S. Cabinet Departments
  • Congressional Committees
  • What's NOT included in the Constitution
  • Navigating the Bureaucracy
  • The Courts and Your Rights
  • Be Your Own Lobbyist
  • So Why Should We Bother to Vote?
  • List Your Representatives

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