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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

(Margaret Mead)

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Political ignorance


political impotence.

American politics are in turmoil

because most Americans

don't understand

how their government works.

Those who understand how government works know how to influence it. 

Pat uses the U.S. Constitution and

current events to teach

American government – civics.

She doesn't report the news. 
She explains it. 
You can read Community Matters


Pat O'Malley

is a freelance writer, civics and government instructor,

and consultant for nonprofit organizations.  

With a background in
business, economics, and politics,

she's worked as a social service provider, advocate, and lobbyist

for nonprofit organizations since the 1980s.

Pat teaches
American government – civics – through her online column,

"Community Matters" and in classroom settings.

Civics and Government Instruction
Courses, available for your staff, members, clients, and the public:

Civics 101: American Government and Public Participation.

It's not your boring middle school civics class.

Topics in American Public Discourse.

Go behind the headlines to learn about ten important topics

facing Americans today.
Lobbying:  How to Influence Your Government.
If the 99 percent lobbied more,

the one percent would have less power.

Contact Pat to schedule classes for your organization.

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