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Express Lobbying

As explained by

Newton’s Laws of Motion

1.  An object at rest will remain at rest.

An object in motion will remain in motion.

Unless acted upon by an outside force.

Nothing moves in government

unless someone pushes it.

2.  Force equals mass times acceleration.

The harder you push, the more it can move.

3.  For every action,

there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Be prepared for people to push back.

Democrats Are Doing It Wrong

They'll lose the gerrymandering and voting rights fights unless they get smart.

Lobbying is a Science

It's based on Newton's Laws of Motion.

Protests and Demonstrations Do Bring Change

We Can't Make Change Without Them.

Contact Your Legislators

Our schools are supposed to teach this stuff but they don't want you to know it.

You Can Influence Government Regulations

The Republicans are governing by fantasy.

Why We Need More Lobbyists
Nothing is more American than a good, old-fashioned lobbyist.

Petitions Don't Guarantee Success

What makes a proper petition? And are they useful?

Beware the Politics of Distraction
Pay attention to what the media isn't telling you.


Lobbying is not what the media tells you it is.

"Giving money to legislators" is not lobbying.

​Legislators listen to corporate lobbyists
because they're the only ones doing the talking.

The corporate media and our Republican controlled schools don't want you to know that Lobbying is the only thing that can restore our democracy.
Nothing is more important in our government

than lobbying.

Learn why we can't do without it,
when, where, and how to lobby,
and how to contact your local, state,

and federal legislators.

Where Do Our Laws Come From?

The Legislative Process

The Ten Biggest Lies in America
You've Heard All of Them

​Standing and Pledging:  Style versus Substance

How one man's courage created a movement

America's Police Problem:  Cause and Cure
Our greatest power is within our grasp.

Learn how to influence your government.In just two hours.

Contact Pat to schedule your session.

​Lobbying is the effort to convince local, state, and federal officials to support or oppose legislation and policies

reflecting your positions. 

Everyone can do it.
It doesn't cost a dime.