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Why We Need

More Lobbyists

The American founders wanted lobbyists. They expected them. 

Lobbying was so important to them that they enshrined it in the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights

Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the . . . right of the people . . . to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If the 99% did more lobbying,
the 1% would have less power.

Tailor the Course 
to Your Needs

This course is designed for five two-hour sessions, but can be adapted reduced to as little as a single one-hour session.

We can tailor it

for specific audiences. 

Regardless of age group, civic experience, or occupation, your staff, members, and clients will benefit from learning to lobby.


How to Influence Your Government

This is a flexible, basic lobbying course designed for Americans 
who want to make their governments more responsive to their needs.

Contact Pat to schedule training for your staff, members, or clients.


Course Objectives

Students will learn

the most basic American government structure,

the legislative and regulatory processes,

and whom, when, where, why, and how to lobby.

We will discuss the theory

and practice of

community organizing

to effect change.

What is Lobbying?

​Lobbying is not what the politicians and media tell you it is.
"Giving buckets of money to legislators" is not lobbying.

Lobbying is the effort to convince elected officials - local, state, and federal - 

to support or oppose legislation and policies that you care about.

Lobbying is the ONLY thing that can restore our democracy.
Our schools are supposed to teach this stuff, but they don't want you to know
that YOU have the power to influence your government.

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Gather a Group 
of Organizations

Invite other organizations in your community to share a session with you, to reduce expenses, broaden the discussions, and enhance your experience.

​Course Description

The Bill of Rights guarantees our individual right to petition the government, but many Americans feel powerless to influence public policy. 

They are frustrated with the current political climate, but don't know how to fight the big corporations and organizations that have so much clout. 

Learn how individuals and small groups can influence legislation and regulations through lobbying and community

organizing techniques.

Course Content

American Government Structure
The U.S. Constitution

Purposes of government
Government powers
Levels and branches of government

The Legislative Process
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Committee Power and Structure
Impediments to the Process 
Importance of Legislative Staff
Where to get information

Definition ~ History ~ Regulations 
Why we need more lobbyists

How to lobby

Definition ~ Legal Authority Regulatory Process
Public comments

Community Organizing
Theory ~ Purpose ~ Process

Rules for Radicals
Long term campaigns


Issue organizations

Develop and implement your plan