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How VP Harris Can Sideline Moscow Mitch:  ​Even without a Senate majority

In "Audacity of Hope", Barack Obama wrote that when he first arrived at the Senate, Robert Byrd gave him a copy of the Senate rules and advised him to learn them thoroughly. He said it was the key to getting stuff done.  I've been reading the rules, trying to find a way around McConnell.
It didn't occur to me to look for what's NOT there.

​Statutes of Limitations - A Legal Guide:  Introduction to the Bill of Rights

The Atlantic:  ​The Trump Presidency Is Over.  It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but                           Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain.

UpWorthy:   Man's eye-opening story about taking 'a black walk' in a white neighborhood goes viral​

The Incline
:  Juneteenth becomes a state holiday in Pennsylvania today. 
                     Here’s how to celebrate in Pittsburgh.

Human Rights Campaign:   2018 State Equality Index

Nonprofit Quarterly:  What If a Pizza Shop Had to Operate Like a Nonprofit?

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