Socialism, Communism, and Other Big Scary Words

Your school didn't teach you this stuff because they don't want you to know.

Pat's comments to the US Department of Education on its proposal to revamp civics education.

Teachers and Journalists Created Americans’ Political Ignorance
It’s too bad we can’t sue them for malpractice.​

​How to Fix America’s Police
Abolish the blue supremacy cult.

Celebrate National Women's Equality Day

August 26, 2019

Cops, Nuns, and Priests

Their common crimes.  And what to do about it.

The American Labor Movement Gave Us the Weekend. 

And Labor Day.
Join Us for the 2019 Labor Day Parade

Protests and Demonstrations Do Bring Change

We can't make progress without them.

Defective Teaching Methods Produce American Political Ignorance

What's wrong with our civics education and how to fix it.

Standing and Pledging:  Style versus Substance
How one man's courage created a movement

The Ten Biggest Lies in America
You've Heard All of Them

Mourn for the Dead. And Fight Like Hell for the Living.
Workers Memorial Day 2019

Welcome Your Rosa Parks Moment
And Change the World

Marriage Equality: Myths and Facts
What the Supreme Court Ruling Means to You

Nonprofit Organizations Should be Tax Exempt
We Can't Afford to Tax Them.

There is No Such Thing as a Good Cop
How to Prevent Police Crime

Labor Unions: Myths and Facts
We Need Them Now, More Than Ever.

If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

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​Ten Year Old Leads BLM March in His Hometown
If “All Lives Matter”, then protect Black lives from being murdered by cops.

There is No Such Thing As a Good Cop

How to Prevent Police Crime

Food Stamp Program: Myths, Facts, and History
The Food Stamp Program Benefits the US Economy and Creates Jobs

How a Federal Government Shutdown Affects You
Here We Go Again.

Martin Sheen Honored in Pittsburgh for His Activism
Sheen Calls Pittsburgh Activist Molly Rush His Inspiration.

Petitions Don't Guarantee Success
What makes a proper petition? And are they useful?

Welfare in America: Myths and Facts
Everything you think you know about welfare is wrong.

Unemployment Compensation: Myths and Facts
The GOP is still trying to set Americans against each other.

Who Should Provide Social Services?

Occupy Pittsburgh. This is Your Movement

If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

American Education: We Need Higher Standards 
We Must Require More from Our Kids and From Public Education

We are All Welfare Recipients
Yes, you too.

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