Cops, Nuns, and Priests
Their common crimes.  And what to do about it.
​September 22, 2018


Americans pride ourselves  on being a forgiving people.  Everyone deserves a second chance. 

Sure.  Until they abuse our trust.

I did 12 years in Catholic schools.  It was a good, solid, well-rounded education.
I never saw a priest do anything inappropriate with anyone.  That doesn't mean it didn't happen.  It just means I didn't see it.  But I did see nuns commit aggravated assault on children nearly every day.  I'm not talking about rulers on knuckles. 

I’m talking about criminal assault.  And they always got away with it.

I decided in second grade that I'm not a Catholic.  I was in school because my parents put me there.
By the time I was 40, I was a confirmed atheist.

I've worked with and for nonprofit charities for 35 years, and met many kind and generous priests and nuns.
One priest of my acquaintance was named in Pennsylvania's infamous grand jury report.  That was disheartening.

I've written extensively about my many bad experiences with cops.
Please keep reading. I'll connect this in a minute.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 780,000 cops in the U.S.
If "most of them are good cops", then at least 390,001 of them would be speaking out against the bad cops.   They would be standing up for innocent victims of cops.   WHERE ARE THEY?

  • Every time a cop stops a car for a bogus excuse, and then searches the car without cause or a warrant, s/he commits a crime.
  • Every time a cop plants drugs on kids when called to a house for a teenage drinking party, s/he commits a crime.
  • Every time a cop threatens, harasses, beats, molests, rapes, or kills innocent civilians for her/his own entertainment, s/he commits a crime.

Even if a cop never did those things, EVERY TIME they watched their cop buddies commit those crimes, AND DIDN'T REPORT THEM, they were accessories to those crimes. All cops cover up their buddies' crimes.  They BRAG about it.
And that makes every one of them criminals.

According to Georgetown University, there are about 414,313 priests in the US.
According to Pew Research, there are about 50,000 nuns.
If "most of them are good", then there would be 202,157 priests and 25,000 nuns speaking out against the atrocities committed by their colleagues.  WHERE ARE THEY?

  • Every time a nun or priest  drags an errant child bodily across the classroom, bouncing off of furniture, they commit a crime.
  • Every time a priest or nun slaps a child’s face, or beats  a child with a book, stick, shoe, fist, or other implement, they commit a crime.
  • Every time a nun or priest verbally attacks or ridicules  a child in public for her/his appearance or some minor infraction, they commit a crime.
  • Every time a nun or priest molests, sexually assaults, or rapes a child, they commit a crime.

Even if a priest or nun never did those things, EVERY TIME they watched their buddies commit those crimes, AND DIDN'T REPORT THEM, they were accessories to those crimes.
All nuns and priests cover up their buddies' crimes.  And that makes every one of them criminals.

There are 1,244,313 members of these three groups.  We should be hearing from at least 622,158 of them.
I haven’t heard them.  Have you?  Public opinion is loud and clear. Silence from the guilty.

Cops, nuns, and priests are cowards.  They exploit their power to prey upon people who can't fight back. 

And they're proud of themselves for doing it.
Public and religious service are supposed to be noble professions.
Cops, nuns, and priests used to deserve the people’s honor and respect.  But no more.
It’s hard to let go of a belief that you’ve held all of your life.  But when faced with insurmountable evidence of infinite abuse of power and criminal conduct, we have no honorable alternative.

I’ve supported labor unions and religious choice all my life. 
The Fraternal Order of Police and the Catholic Church are criminal enterprises and should be federally prosecuted accordingly.

I call upon the "good cops" to reject the Fraternal Order of Police as it has rejected its own mission statement.
I call upon all Catholics to reject the church, as it has rejected you.

Every government employee - elected, civil, and military - swears an oath to uphold the United States and state Constitutions.
PA House Bill 612. to change the statute of limitations. violates the ex post facto clauses of both documents.

This is not about "justice", or compassion for the victims.  This is about reality. 

The bill's advocates are wasting everyone's time and giving victims false hope.  How is that justice or compassion?

Most citizens won't raise this question because our schools make sure that they don't know anything about how their own government works.

Prosecuting the bishops, cardinals, and POPE who further an ongoing criminal enterprise would be real justice.

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