It's Easy to Find Government Information
All Public Info is Available Online.

Meet Your Federal Bureaucracy
Your Tax Dollars At Work

Navigating the Bureaucracy 
Ten tips to make it easier and faster.

You Can Influence Government Regulations
The Republicans are governing by fantasy.

The Federal Budget Process Never Ends
The Constitution Does Not Require Congress to Adopt a Budget.

Public Demonstrations Do Bring Change 

We can't make progress without them.


Petitions Don't Guarantee Success
What makes a proper petition? And are they useful?

Stuff That Isn't True
Forty Myths About American Government

The Postal Service Is Not a GOP Target
Congressional Republicans Just Want You to Think It Is.

How Much Do You Know About Your Government?
Take the Community Matters Civics Quiz

Democracy won't work
without  an
intelligent, informed ,
engaged  public.

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General Government

There are three levels of government:

Federal, state, and local.

These essays discuss assorted topics relating to your government.


The Government Can't Cancel All Student Debt
 It sounds great, but it's not that easy.

The American Census:  How It Works and Why It Matters

April 1 is Census Day.  Be ready.

What is the Constitution Anyway?
And why do our schools teach it wrong?

Statutes of Limitations:  Myths and Facts

What the media won't tell you.

You Can't Run Government Like a Business

It's a guaranteed disaster.

What is C-SPAN and Where Did It Come From?

Watch your government on real reality TV

Read the Declaration of Independence

And remember the prisoners at the border.

Where Do Our Laws Come From?
The Legislative Process

Contact Your Legislators

Our schools are supposed to teach this stuff, but they don't want you to know it.

Understanding Your Income Tax Return
Our Schools Need to Teach This Stuff.

How a Federal Government Shutdown Affects You
Here we go again.

Donald Trump Threatens to Shutdown the Government
What happens when he tries to take his toys and go home

Government 101: Take the Plunge
Learn How Your Government Works

Read the Declaration of Independence
An Act of Treason; Not a Law

​​What Does the President Do?
Our Schools are Supposed to Teach This, But They Don't Want You to Know It.

Defective Teaching Methods Produce American Political Ignorance
What’s wrong with our civics education and how to fix it.