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Pittsburgh Area

These essays examine Pittsburgh area government and policy issues.


The American Labor Movement Gave Us the Weekend. 

And Labor Day.
Join Us for the 2018 Labor Day Parade

Mourn for the Dead. And Fight Like Hell for the Living.
Workers Memorial Day 2016

Pennsylvania Can Solve UPMC Charity Status Debate
What the Pittsburgh Media Won't Tell You

Brentwood Community Celebration was a Great Success

But the town has one major flaw.

Brentwood Officials Are Still Covering Up Police Crimes
Jonny Gammage's Death Didn't Wake Them Up.

Public Debate on Police Oversight Was a Treat
The Why? Movement is off to a good start.

UPMC and the Business of Nonprofit Organizations

Martin Sheen Honored in Pittsburgh for His Activism

Sheen Calls Pittsburgh Activist Molly Rush His Inspiration.

Occupy Pittsburgh. This is Your Movement

If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

Pittsburgh Police, G-20 Arrests, and the US Constitution

Disrupting and Resisting the G-20

G-20 Leaders Have a Moral Responsibility

Pittsburgh Must Encourage G-20 Protests

Looking Forward to G-20 Protests

What is the G-20 and Why is it Coming to Pittsburgh?