These are some of the services that I can provide for you.
I hope this list generates ideas for projects that you may not have considered.
It could give you the incentive to begin projects that you have wanted
to accomplish, but don't know where to start.
If so, please call me.
We can explore your options.

Implement Your Program

Your programs are the heart of your agency.
Professional design, development, implementation, marketing, record systems, outreach, evaluation, and improvement ensure that your services reach the people who need them, that your clients receive the best you have to offer, and that you know what happened - when, where, why , and for whom.

Whether you serve one client per day or one hundred clients, you can offer fast, efficient, thorough results.

Plan Your Events

Your events are your agency's public face.
Put your best face forward with efficient planning so that everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Board Meetings ~ Membership Meetings ~ Press Conferences ~ Appreciation Dinners
and other events will receive scrupulous attention to detail and quality.

Marketing and Outreach

You will reach more clients if the public knows what you have to offer.

There are many ways to obtain free or low-cost publicity for your services, events, issues, and your agency. We can work together to design and implement a plan for a one-time event or an ongoing service.

Why not try a pilot project and see what happens?

Contact Pat to discuss your projects.

Patricia A. O'Malley

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Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice

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