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The Executive branch of our government 
manages the nation's daily business.

The President leads the executive branch and is the 
chief executive officer of the United States.

The Electoral College selects the president and vice president, by following instructions from the voters.

                     The White House

The Presidency



Presidential Pardons and a Constitutional Crisis


State of the Union Address 2018:  Myths and Facts

What you'll see is tradition, not law.

Donald Trump Threatens to Shutdown the Government

What happens when he tries to take his toys and go home

You Can Influence Government Regulations

​The Republicans are governing by fantasy.

What Does the President Do?
Our Schools are Supposed to Teach This, But They Don't Want You to Know It.

Party Conventions and Delegates
And Why We Should Care

How to Become President of the United States
The Presidential Election Processes

Impeachment: Myths, Facts, and History
Ask your school board why they don't teach this.

Sloppy Reporting Misleads the Public on Obama's Executive Orders
Executive Orders, Political Ignorance, and Journalists' Negligence

How Does the Electoral College Work?
And Why Don't We Get Rid of It?

Meet Your Federal Bureaucracy
Your Tax Dollars At Work

​Presidential Czars and the U.S. Constitution

Executive Orders and the U.S. Constitution

What Does the Vice President Do?

Navigating the Bureaucracy 
Ten tips to make it easier and faster.

The Federal Budget Process Never Ends
The Constitution Does Not Require Congress to Adopt a Budget.