​​​Community Matters Advanced Civics Quiz
They don’t teach this in high school.
January 4, 2018


Political ignorance breeds political impotence.  Americans don’t know how their government works because our schools refuse to teach it properly.  They don’t want you to know that YOU have the power to influence your government. 

And that is what our founders wanted.  We are American adults. 
It is our duty to know how our own government works.

You can learn most of it by reading the U.S. Constitution – all of the words, carefully, thoughtfully, and repeatedly, over time – and comparing it to contemporary news reports.  You can learn most of the rest by reading Community Matters articles.

The first CM quiz focused on general knowledge.   This advanced quiz requires thoughtful responses. 

Please think about these questions before you read the answers.


  1. Explain why secession is legal.

  2. What parts of the Constitution authorize public assistance programs?

  3. How did the commerce clause affect the civil rights movement?

  4. What was the Supreme Court's basis for its ruling that the Constitution protects marriage equality?

  5. True or False?  The Constitution requires the U.S. to use capitalism as its economic system.

  6. What part of the Constitution encourages lobbying?

  7. Where can we find separation of church and state in the Constitution?

  8. Why do political parties have so much power in Congress?

  9. What is the function of a whip in Congress?

  10. Why was Ted Cruz eligible to be president?

  11. How does the Constitution permit presidential czars?

  12. What are the six ways for a president to leave office?

  13. Why are there 538 members of the Electoral College?

  14. What is the Constitutional basis for Executive Orders?

  15. Why was Franklin Delano Roosevelt eligible for election to four terms as president, but all presidents since then are limited to two terms?

  16. How can the public influence government regulations?

  17. Why do we need more lobbyists?

  18. What is your opinion on repealing the 17th amendment?

  19. Is the 25th amendment specific enough?

  20. Some members of the Trump administration, including the president himself, were accused of colluding with Russian government officials to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Mr. Trump. 
    We are not at war with Russia.  Are they our enemies?  Does this constitute treason?

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