Basic Civics

Knowledge is power.
Your staff knows the issues that face your constituents.  Now, they can be more efficient and effective when they are thoroughly familiar with both the theory and reality of government operations.  Is your staff familiar with the structure and functioning of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches at all levels of government?
I can tailor a presentation on your agency’s issues to fit your needs and schedule.

I can also present sessions for schools, churches, or any community organization,
and provide private tutoring for students.

The Legislative Process

Exactly how does a legislature work?
You’ve seen the charts titled “How a Bill Becomes a Law”, but do you know what happens behind the scenes?

Can you describe each step in the process?  Does your staff understand the system?

Now you can understand what happens in the legislative process, and WHY it happens.
This training session is tailored to your agency’s issues.

You can’t begin to affect legislation if you don’t understand the process.


Yes, Nonprofits CAN lobby.  And People Can Too.
Lobbying is not a dirty word.  It is not unethical.  It is not evil.  Lobbying is not what the media tells you it is.

The U.S. Constitution's First Amendment protects our right to lobby.
There are limits, but all nonprofits can lobby to affect the legislation that concerns them.

Would you rather act now to ensure public policies that favor your issues, or react to bad policies later?

If you prefer the proactive approach, it’s best to use methods that work to your advantage.
Individuals can lobby, too. If the 99% would do more lobbying, then the one percent would have less power.

This custom-designed training session will teach you who • when • where • why • and how to lobby effectively.

The Regulatory System

Okay.  The legislation has passed.  Now what?
After the bill has been signed into law, a distant, impersonal, government agency issues new regulations.

Who decides what they will be?  Are you really stuck with them?  Do you like them?  

Will they help or hurt your clients, staff, or members?

Find out how the regulations are made and how you can change them before it's too late.

Legislative Alert System

How can you generate a lot of messages to Congress, FAST?
A legislative alert system can organize your members and supporters to call or write to legislators quickly, when a vote is pending.

We can develop a system to notify your supporters and keep track of the results – when it really counts.

Testimony, Personal Visits

The best way to get a legislator's attention is in person.

Many vital public policy changes have occurred through the personal appeals of advocates in legislative hearings or private meetings in legislators' offices. Each legislative body has its own requirements and procedures for presenting testimony, and there are some tried-and-true tips to making personal visits more effective.

Prepare your testimony and your presentation to exhibit your issues and your agency in their best light.

Legislative Monitoring

Would you rather do it yourself?
Learn how to design and implement your own legislative monitoring system to keep track of changes in the legislation that affects your agency and your programs.

Then you’ll have exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Bureaucracy . . . . aaahhhgggkkkrrr!!!!!

No, they aren't supposed to make your life difficult.  It just seems like it. 
You have to deal with certain government agencies on a regular basis.  

Find out how they’re supposed to work – and how they really do work.   Learn to navigate, negotiate, cut, and avoid red tape.

There are even some tricks to the trade.

Save time and aggravation while better serving your clients and members.

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