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You Can't Run Government Like a Business

It's a guaranteed disaster.

Cops, Nuns, and Priests

Their common crimes.  And what to do about it.

March for Our Lives Hits It Out of the Park

Abolish the NRA, not the Second Amendment

Gun Violence, the Second Amendment, and Common Sense

Join the March for Our Lives on March 24.

America:  Respect the Principles, Not the Symbols

America's Police Problem:  Cause and Cure
Our greatest power is within our grasp.

Standing and Pledging:  Style versus Substance
How one man's courage created a movement

The Ten Biggest Lies in America
You've Heard All of Them

Mourn for the Dead. And Fight Like Hell for the Living.
Workers Memorial Day 2016

Welcome Your Rosa Parks Moment
And Change the World

The American Terrorists
They're All Around Us.

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