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Compel Congress to Preserve Voting Rights

Republican stunts desecrate the Constitution.

Democrats Are Doing It Wrong

They'll lose the gerrymandering and voting rights fights unless they get it right.

Six Presidential Candidates Listed the Wrong Incomes on Their Tax Returns

Something odd is happening.

Term Limits, Gerrymandering, and Campaign Finance Reform

Advocates use the wrong constitutional argument.

Voting in America: Myths and Facts
September 22 is National Voter Registration Day

Make Sure You're Registered to Vote
Honor those who fought for you. 

Beware the Politics of Distraction
Pay Attention to What the Media Isn't Telling You

Nationwide Grassroots Project Will Amend U.S. Constitution to End Corporate Power in Elections
Restore American democracy. 
Corporations are not people.

How Does the Electoral College Work?

And Why Don't We Get Rid of It?

Voting and Elections

Recent attacks on our precious right to vote have made it increasingly fragile.

Learn about your right to vote, so that you can protect it.

These essays describe the voting and election processes.


Patricia A. O'Malley

Social Policy & Programs Consulting

Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice

Understand Political Polling 
How It Works and What It Means

Party Conventions and Delegates
And Why We Should Care

Caucuses and Primaries
What are they, and why does the process take so long?

An Overview of American Political Parties

How to Become President of the United States
The Presidential Election Processes