​Why Does Congress Take a Five Week "Vacation"?
Why Doesn't the Media Explain This Stuff?

What's a Filibuster?
There is no such thing as a "filibuster-proof majority"

Tales Exaggerate Congressional Pay and Pensions
Members Do Not Get "Full Pay for Life"

The Federal Budget Process Never Ends

The Constitution Does Not Require Congress to Adopt a Budget.

Where Do Our Laws Come From?
The Legislative Process 


How to Expel a Congressperson

George Santos is in rare company.

The 118th Congress is Open for Business

What is a Congress Anyway?

Impeachment 101: The Basics

Breaking down the rhetoric.

Non-Voting Delegates to Congress

Who are they, and what do they do?

The 116th Congress is Open for Business

What is a Congress Anyway?

​Senate Rules and the Confirmation Process

American Schools Hide This Information From Us

Congressional Powers and the Elastic Clause

What does "general welfare" mean?

Contact Your Legislators

Our schools are supposed to teach this stuff, but they don't want you to know it.

Term Limits, Gerrymandering, and Campaign Finance Reform
Advocates use the wrong constitutional argument.

The Ten Biggest Lies in America
You've Heard All of Them

The United States Congress: Myths and Facts
Too many Americans don't know what Congress is, or how it works.

Congressional Leadership Positions and Roles
How It Works and What Happens Next

Why We Need More Lobbyists
Nothing is more American than a good, old-fashioned lobbyist. 

Impeachment: Myths, Facts, and History
Ask your school board why they don't teach this.

The Postal Service Is Not a GOP Target
Congressional Republicans Just Want You to Think It Is. 

Committees Hold the Real Power in Congress
The most powerful people in Congress aren't elected.

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The United States Congress consists of

the House of Representatives and the Senate.  There is no such thing as

"Congress and the Senate".

The American voters elect members of Congress.

Congress meets in the Capitol Building

in Washington, D.C.

Our Constitution gives Congress the power to make all laws, to appropriate all money, 
and certain other powers and duties.


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