I teach seventh grade civics to adults because

our schools won't do it.

It's not your boring high school civics class.
Pat uses current events and the U.S. Constitution to explain what's happening, and why.
​With these tools, you can better understand current events, 
be an informed voter, and influence your government officials.
You can help make the world be what you want it to be.

 ​America will work for you

when you know how to make it work.
American politics are in turmoil because most Americans don't understand how their government works.

Those who understand how government 
works know how to influence it. 
Through Community Matters, I use the U.S. Constitution and current events to teach American government – civics.
I don't report the news.  I explain it.

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I've been writing Community Matters since 2008.
Here are my most recent articles.

Political Ignorance Breeds Political Impotence.

Civics is

the study
of the structure and function
of government,
and the rights and duties
of citizens.

  • It looks at the ways that our governments are organized, how they're supposed to work, and how they really do work.

  • Civics is an essential, but neglected, area of our education. 

  • The government operates by a set of rules.  

  • We have the right and responsibility to participate in our government. 
  • However, we can't participate fully if we don't know those rules.

Compel Congress To

Preserve Voting Rights

Republican stunts desecrate the Constitution.

Black Americans, poor men, all women, and 18-to-21-year-olds fought for voting rights for more than a century.  Courageous and dedicated people won those struggles, yet here we are again. 

Incredibly, 58 years after the Selma Bloody Sunday, Republicans still endanger our voting rights.

Patricia A. O'Malley

Social Policy & Programs Consulting

Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice

​How to Expel a Congressperson

George Santos is in rare company.

Freshman Congress member George Santos (R-NY) began making a name for himself right after his election in November.  Now, there’s an effort to banish him from Congress.  It will surely be a remarkable spectacle.

Sovereign Citizens, Constitutional Sheriffs, and Domestic Terror Organizations

You can’t just make stuff up, folks.

Some Americans claim to be sovereign citizens, or constitutional sheriffs, or demand that our government designate some organizations as terrorists.  The words “sovereign” “sheriff” and “terrorist” aren’t in the constitution. But our schools won’t teach this stuff because they don’t want you to know it.


How to Fix America’s Police
Abolish the blue supremacy cult.

Conscious Americans of conscience struggle to break the malicious forces that occupy our cities and subjugate our citizens.  We battle at the dinner table, on the streets, in the media, and in our legislatures.  Meanwhile, Americans who have sworn to uphold the Constitution violently assault and kidnap civilians who exercise their first amendment rights.  America has reached its Rosa Parks moment.