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Patricia A. O'Malley

Social Policy & Programs Consulting

Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice




First impressions count.

Your brochures and other materials introduce your agency to the public.

Give the readers vital information about your agency at a glance.

A brochure gives you about three seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

Use it to your best advantage.

You can have a general brochure, or one that spotlights a particular facet of your agency, or both.


Sometimes, a project emerges unexpectedly.
It must be done soon, and done well. 

And your own staff is already swamped. 

Eliminate the fluff, the overhead, and the hassle.

Get the project you want. When you want it.

Position Papers

Sometimes, you must take a public position on an issue.
When your agency takes a position, who defines or explains it to funders, members, colleagues, or the public?

A paper that describes your position, and reveals how and why it was made, can make the task much easier.

It can be a paragraph, a page, or more. You can distribute it to the public or keep it for internal use.

It will be your agency’s definitive word on the subject.

Agency Catalogue

Exactly what does your agency do?

Tell your organization's story to clients, members, and potential donors.

Is the public aware of the full range of services, programs, and opportunities that your agency offers?

Do you find yourself endlessly listing all of your agency’s functions for people?

You can present a catalogue describing your services, library, speakers’ bureau, volunteer opportunities, and other programs to potential consumers, members, funders, and others.

Put it all in one place and make it easier for people to find what they need from you.

Annual Report

Present a complete description of the past year's finances and activities to your funders, members, and the public.

During the past year, you have reached some goals, set new ones, started some projects, finished others, achieved some things you never expected, hired new staff, recruited new board members, and accomplished a lot.

You’re justly proud of yourself, your staff, and your volunteers.
An annual report will illustrate your accomplishments in an attractive, professional format.

Your readers will be impressed, and you will have one more accomplishment to add to your list.

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