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Survey / Focus Group

You know a lot about your issues, but there is always more to learn.
Sometimes, only original research can determine what conditions exist around your issues.

Or, you need empirical data to support your “anecdotal evidence”.

It doesn’t always have to be elaborate or extensive.

We can devise a simple survey or focus group to gather the data you need for your projects.

Literature, Public Records, Internet Information

Whatever your issue, there is already a large body of information on the topic.  
Are you thoroughly familiar with all of it? Does it support or refute your own experience?

What position should your agency take on the topic of the day?

We can conduct a comprehensive survey of the existing literature on your issues.

The final report will provide valuable background for your discussions with

your Board, the media, the public, your funders, and your colleagues.

Legislative History

When and why were your agencies, committees, and programs founded?  
How were they funded?  What were the eligibility criteria?  

This chronological record lists significant events in the history of government and private programs related to your issues.

You can use your own knowledge to put them into historic context, and use the chronology for education and reference.

Once you know where you have been, you can plan your next steps.

Contact Pat to discuss your projects.