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Myths and Facts

​American schools do a poor job of preparing students 
to participate in life as informed citizens.

These articles clear up some common confusion.

Prosecuting and Convicting American Presidents: Myths and Facts

Yes, It can be done.

​Sovereign Citizens, Constitutional Sheriffs, and Domestic Terror Organizations

You can't just make stuff up, folks.

Stuff That Isn't True
Forty Myths About American Government

Impeachment: Myths, Facts, and History
More Empty Impeachment Threats from the GOP

Separation of Church and State:  Myths and Facts
The Founders Tried to Protect Us from Religious Extremists
National Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional

Voting in America:  Myths and Facts
September 22 is National Voter Registration Day

Marriage Equality: Myths and Facts
What the Supreme Court Ruling Means to You

Nonprofit Organizations: Myths and Facts
"Nonprofit" Does Not Mean "No Money"

Juries in America: Myths and Facts
Law and justice often collide.

Labor Unions: Myths and Facts
We Need Them Now, More Than Ever.

Unemployment Compensation: Myths and Facts
The GOP is still trying to set Americans against each other.

Yes, Texas Can Secede

Here We Go Again

The President and Congress Do Not Get Salary For Life

Please stop spreading these lies.

Statutes of Limitations:  Myths and Facts

What the media won't tell you.

Presidential Czars:  Myths and Facts

What Does the Constitution Say?

The Postal Service is Not a GOP Target

Congressional Republicans Just Want You to Think It Is

State of the Union Address 2019:  Myths and Facts

Many journalists got this wrong.

Free Speech:  Myths and Facts

Our schools still don't teach this stuff.

Right to Work is a Scam
The laws do not protect your rights.

The Ten Biggest Lies in America
You've Heard All of Them

The United States Congress: Myths and Facts
Too many Americans don't know what Congress is, or how it works. 

Welfare in America: Myths and Facts
Everything you think you know about welfare is wrong.

Food Stamp Program: Myths, Facts, and History
The Food Stamp Program Benefits the US Economy and Creates Jobs

This is What's Wrong With Republican Tax Policy

An open letter to Jack Markowitz, Pittsburgh Tribune Review Columnist