Patricia A. O'Malley

Social Policy & Programs Consulting

Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice

Patricia A. O'Malley
Social Policy & Programs Consulting    ~    Community Matters
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Established 1993

Seven Reasons

  • get a fresh perspective on your projects

  • expand your staff without expanding your overhead

  • take advantage of the skills of a specialist with local experience

  • for personal and professional quality service

  • be sure your projects are managed by someone dedicated to your issues

  • make changes in public policy which are good for your clients, members, and constituents

  • leverage unexpected opportunities

Pat O'Malley . . .

Is an independent, experienced, and effective professional consultant ...

Is committed to facilitating social and economic justice ...

Works with progressive nonprofit agencies ...

Specializes in external, program-oriented projects for progressive nonprofits ...

Has successfully developed, managed, and marketed all phases

of an essential social services advocacy, training, and policy program

which served as a model for similar programs throughout the US ...

Has prepared and delivered testimony on social issues

and programs to legislative committee at all levels of government ...

Has served as a media contact on major government and nonprofit social programs ...

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