Patricia A. O'Malley

Social Policy & Programs Consulting

Training and Services for agencies working toward social and economic justice

Patricia A. O'Malley
Social Policy & Programs Consulting    ~    Community Matters
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Established 1993


University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Minor in Political Science

Community College of Allegheny County

Associate of Science

in General Studies

Concentration in

business administration
Robert Morris College

Courses in

Paralegal Certificate Program


Various courses

and seminars in



and management topics

Pat O'Malley

  • is a professional consultant specializing in external, program-oriented projects for progressive nonprofits dedicated to social welfare and justice issues;

  • Has successfully designed, developed, implemented, managed, operated, publicized, and perfected all phases of an essential social services advocacy, and policy program which served as a model for similar programs throughout the United States;

  • Has prepared and delivered testimony on social issues and programs to legislative committees at all levels of government;

  • Has served as a local media contact for information on major government social programs; 


Legislation / Advocacy
• Liaison to Community & Government Agencies
• Individual & General Advocacy
• Legislative Monitoring, Analysis, & Lobbying
• Navigating Bureaucracies
• Client Representation at Appeal Hearings
• Training in Civics and Lobbying
• Problem Identification, Analysis & Resolution
• Legislative Commentary & Testimony
• Regulatory Analysis and Commentary
• Interpretation and Enforcement of Government Regulations

Media and Public Relations
• Develop and manage media, marketing, and Public Relations campaigns
• Press Releases
• Public Service Announcements
• News Articles
• Press Conferences
• Television, Radio, and Print Interviews
• Public Speaking

• Special Event Planning
• Program Records Systems
• Agency Libraries
• Social Service Program Management
• Multi-task projects

Research and Writing
• Position Papers
• Brochures
• Funding Sources
• Agency Catalogue
• Reports
• Report Documentation
• Survey / Focus Group
• Legal Records and Documents
• Public Records
• Training Manuals
• Editorials

Social Service Management
• Program Development and Outreach
• Workshop Coordination & Instruction
• Staff and Board recruitment, hiring, training, and supervision

• Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
• Internet Navigation
• Website design, development, and maintenance

Professional Qualifications

A self-employed independent consultant, advocate, trainer, and contracted services provider for special projects.

Freelance Writing

Community Matters
A More Perfect Union

The Ten Biggest Lies in America

Senior Staff Member at a mid-sized nonprofit agency

Conducted projects in direct services, client advocacy, public policy, research, training, community organizing, media relations, public speaking, liaison to state and national organizations

Board Member of a statewide nonprofit corporation
- hunger and poverty advocacy and public policy

- served four years as President
- served two years as Vice President

Board Member of a national nonprofit organization
Grassroots anti-hunger public policy advocacy

Paralegal for various law firms

concentrating in commercial and consumer collections, bankruptcies, and major corporate litigation.

Lifelong volunteer

for various organizations and projects