1. 2016 Allegheny County Voting Information

  2. The 115th Congress is Open for Business

  3. Accused Terrorists Should be Tried as Civilians

  4. Activist Supreme Court Judges Created Their Own Power

  5. America:  Respect the Principles, Not the Symbols

  6. American Education: We Need Higher Standards

  7. ​The American Terrorists

  8. America's Police Problem:  Cause and Cure

  9. An Overview of American Political Parties

  10. Appreciate Your Bill of Rights

  11. Are You a Patriot?

  12. Beware the Politics of Distraction

  13. Brentwood Community Celebration was a Great Success

  14. Brentwood Officials are Still Covering Up Police Crimes

  15. Caucuses and Primaries

  16. Celebrate National Women's Equality Day

  17. Celebrate the United Nations

  18. The Common Culprit in America's Multiple National Crises

  19. Community Benefits Agreements

  20. Congressional Leadership Positions and Roles

  21. Discover What's Not in the Constitution

  22. Disrupting and Resisting the G-20

  23. Does the U.S. Constitution Still Matter?

  24. Donald Trump Threatens to Shutdown the Government

  25. Executive Orders and the U.S. Constitution

  26. ​The Federal Budget Process Never Ends

  27. Food Stamp Program: Myths, Facts, and History
  28. Free Speech:  Myths and Facts

  29. Government Wage Standards Have a Long History

  30. G-20 Leaders Have a Moral Responsibility

  31. Government 101: Take the Plunge

  32. How a Federal Government Shutdown Affects You

  33. How Does the Electoral College Work

  34. How Much Do You Know About Your Government?

  35. How to Become President of the United States

  36. If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

  37. Impeachment:  Myths, Facts, and History

  38. It's Easy to Find Government Information

  39. Join Us for the 2017 Labor Day Parade

  40. Juries in America: Myths and Facts

  41. Labor Unions:  Myths and Facts

  42. Make Sure You're Registered to vote​

  43. Marriage Equality:  Myths and Facts

  44. May Day:  History and Politics

  45. Meet Your Federal Bureaucracy

  46. Mourn for the Dead. And Fight Like Hell for the Living

  47. ​​Nationwide Grassroots Project Will Amend U.S. Constitution to End Corporate Power in Elections

  48. Nonprofit Organizations Should be Tax-Exempt

  49. Party Conventions and Delegates

  50. Petitions Don't Guarantee Success

  51. Random Thoughts: Volume One

  52. Random Thoughts:  Volume Four

  53. Random Thoughts: Volume Five

  54. Random Thoughts: Volume Six

  55. Read the Declaration of Independence

  56. Right to Work is a Scam

  57. Secession, the U.S. Constitution, and the Consequences

  58. The Second Amendment, Mental Illness, and Other Observations on the Tucson Tragedy

  59. ​Separation of Church and State: Myths and Facts

  60. Standing and Pledging: Style Versus Substance

  61. State of the Union Address 2016: Myths and Facts

  62. Supreme Court Spectacle Illustrates the Nomination Process

  63. The Ten Biggest Lies in America

  64. There is No Such Thing as a Good Cop

  65. This is What's Wrong With Republican Tax Policy

  66. Unemployment Compensation: Myths and Facts

  67. Understand Political Polling

  68. Voting in America:  Myths and Facts

  69. Welcome Your Rosa Parks Moment

  70. We Must Change the Way We Handle Disasters

  71. What Does the President Do?

  72. What is Public Policy?

  73. What is the Constitution Anyway?​

  74. What the Triangle Factory Fire Did For Us

  75. Who Should Provide Social Services?

  76. Why Does Congress Take a Five Week "Vacation"?

  77. Why We Need More Lobbyists​

  78. You Can Influence Government Regulations

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