2020 Allegheny County General Election Voting Information

The 116th Congress is Open for Business

The 118th Congress is Open for Business


Accused Terrorists Should be Tried as Civilians

Activist Supreme Court Judges Created Their Own Power

America:  Respect the Principles, Not the Symbols

American Education: We Need Higher Standards

The American Census: How It Works and Why It Matters

The American Labor Movement Gave Us the Weekend. And Labor Day. 

The American Space Force

​The American Terrorists

America's Police Problem:  Cause and Cure

An Overview of American Political Parties

Appreciate Your Bill of Rights
Are You a Patriot?


Bernie Sanders' Plan to Cancel Student Debt

Beware the Politics of Distraction

Brentwood Community Celebration was a Great Success

Brentwood Officials are Still Covering Up Police Crimes


Caucuses and Primaries

Celebrate May Day

Celebrate National Women's Equality Day

Celebrate the United Nations

Committees Hold the Real Power in Congress

The Common Culprit in America's Multiple National Crises

Community Benefits Agreements

Community Matters Advanced Civics Quiz

Compel Congress to Preserve Voting Rights

Concentration Camps: America's Latest Atrocity

Congress Doesn't Certify or Reject Electoral College Results
Congressional Leadership Positions and Roles

Congressional Powers and the Elastic Clause

The Constitution's Real Purpose

Contact Your Legislators

Cops, Nuns, and Priests


Defective Teaching Methods Produce American Political Ignorance

Democrats Are Doing It Wrong

Discover What's Not in the Constitution

Disrupting and Resisting the G-20

Donald Trump Threatens to Shutdown the Government


Executive Orders and the U.S. Constitution


​The Federal Budget Process Never Ends

Food Stamp Program: Myths, Facts, and History

For Your Consideration

Free Speech:  Myths and Facts

Futile Efforts to Abolish Consumer Debt


Government Must Regulate Business

Government Wage Standards Have a Long History

G-20 Leaders Have a Moral Responsibility

Government 101: Take the Plunge

The Government Can't Cancel All Student Debt

​Gun Violence, the Second Amendment, and Common Sense


Happy Constitution Day!

How a Federal Government Shutdown Affects You

How Does the Electoral College Work

How to Expel a Congressperson

How to Fix America’s Police
How Much Do You Know About Your Government?

How to Become President of the United States


If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

Impeachment 101: The Basics

Impeachment:  Myths, Facts, and History
Infrastructure Spending Stimulates the Entire Economy

It's Easy to Find Government Information


Juries in America: Myths and Facts



Labor Unions:  Myths and Facts

Lobbying is a Science

Looking Forward to G-20 Protests


Make Sure You're Registered to Vote​

March for Our Lives Hits It Out of the Park

Marriage Equality:  Myths and Facts

Martin Sheen Honored in Pittsburgh for His Activism

Meet Your Federal Bureaucracy

Memories of Senator Ted Kennedy
Mourn for the Dead. And Fight Like Hell for the Living

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Alphabetical List of Articles


​​Nationwide Grassroots Project Will Amend U.S. Constitution to End
Corporate Power in Elections

Navigating the Bureaucracy

No, the President Does Not Have Total Power

No Amount of Money Can End Famine

Nonprofit Organizations Should be Tax-Exempt

Nonprofit Organizations:  Myths and Facts

Non-Voting Delegates to Congress


Our Founders Gave Us A Living Constitution

Our Supreme Court Ethics Conundrum


Party Conventions and Delegates

Pat's comments to the US Department of Education on its proposal to revamp civics education.

Pennsylvania Can Solve the UPMC Charity Status Dispute

Petitions Don't Guarantee Success

Pittsburgh Must Encourage G-20 Protests

Pittsburgh Police, the G-20 Arrests, and the US Constitution

The Postal Service is Not a GOP Target

The President and Congress Do Not Get Salary For Life

​Presidential Candidates and Natural Born Citizenship: Myths and Facts

Presidential Czars:  Myths and Facts

Presidential Pardons and the Constitutional Crisis

​​Prosecuting and Convicting American Presidents:  Myths and Facts

Protests and Demonstrations Do Bring Change


Read the Declaration of Independence

Re-imagining Capitalism: From the Ground Up
Right to Work is a Scam


Secession, the U.S. Constitution, and the Consequences

The Second Amendment, Mental Illness, and Other Observations on the Tucson Tragedy

Senate Rules and the Confirmation Process

​Separation of Church and State: Myths and Facts

Socialism, Communism, and Other Big Scary Words

​Sovereign Citizens, Constitutional Sheriffs, and Domestic Terror Organizations

Standing and Pledging: Style Versus Substance

State of the Union Address 2019: Myths and Facts

State of the Union Address 2023:  Myths and Facts

Statutes of Limitations: Myths and Facts

Stay-at-Home and Social Distancing Orders ARE Constitutional

Stuff That Isn't True

Supreme Court Spectacle Illustrates the Nomination Process


Teach Your Children

Teachers and Journalists Created American Political Ignorance

The Ten Biggest Lies in America

Ten Year Old Leads BLM March in His Hometown

Term Limits, Gerrymandering, and Campaign Finance Reform

There is No Such Thing as a Good Cop
This is What's Wrong With Republican Tax Policy

Treason: Myths and Facts


Understand Political Polling

Unemployment Compensation: Myths and Facts

Understanding Your Income Tax Return

​The United States Congress: Myths and Facts

The US Must Prosecute Torture

US Supreme Court Session Opens


Voting in America:  Myths and Facts


Welcome Your Rosa Parks Moment

We Must Change the Way We Handle Disasters

What are Authorities, Boards, and Commissions?

What Does the President Do?

What Does the Vice President Do?

​What if Donald Trump Refuses to Leave Office?

What is C-SPAN and Where Did It Come From?

What is the G-20 and Why is it Coming to Pittsburgh?

What is Public Policy?

What is the Constitution Anyway?​
What the Triangle Factory Fire Did For Us

What's a Filibuster?

Where Do Our Laws Come From?

Who Should Provide Social Services?

Why Do They Need a Parade?

Why Does Congress Take a Five Week "Vacation"?

Why the NFL is a Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organization

Why We Need More Lobbyists​


Yes, Texas Can Secede

You Can Influence Government Regulations

You Can Stop the Atrocity at America's Borders

You Can't Run Government Like a Business

Your Tax Dollars at Work