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Congress Doesn’t Certify or Reject Electoral College Results
That’s not their job.
​January 4, 2021


In 231 years, we have had 59 presidential elections.
Every one of them has gone through the Electoral College process.
Yes, I know the College should be revised or dismantled.  That’s not the point.
This is the point right now.

The United States Constitution controls everything our governments do. 
Yes, the Constitution says that all federal, state, and local laws must adhere to the Constitution. 
Read Article VI.
It does not say that Congress “certifies” the Electoral College results.
It does not say that Congress can reject the results.

The vice president merely reads and announces the College votes from the states.  That’s all.
Congress sits in the room to watch and listen.  That’s all.
They have no further role in the  process.
Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 and the Twelfth Amendment.

Yet dozens of our elected representatives have declared that they will “vote” against the Electoral College choice of the Biden-Harris team as our president and vice president.
They can hold all the votes they want.  It means nothing.
Even if the majority voted against Biden and Harris, they will still be inaugurated at noon on January 20.

I get why #MoscowMitch wants this vote.
But shame on Nancy Pelosi for allowing it. 

So the crybabies can cry their little hearts out.
Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.
And nothing will ever change that.

But what’s more truly awful than the whiny Republicans is the joyful fear-mongering of “journalists” who report this crap as though it’s a real thing that can possibly make a difference. 
And politically ignorant Americans still fall for it.

If you’re a civics teacher, shame on you.

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