2020 US Presidential Election Process

These articles describe various aspects of the process

for electing our president.

The more you know, the stronger we all are.
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What Does the President Do?
Our Schools are Supposed to Teach This, But They Don't Want You to Know It.

What Does the Vice President Do?
The federal government is trying to keep his salary a secret.

How to Become President of the United States
The Presidential Election Processes

Understand Political Polling 
How It Works and What It Means

An Overview of American Political Parties

Caucuses and Primaries
What are they, and why does the process take so long?

Party Conventions and Delegates
And Why We Should Care

Voting in America: Myths and Facts
September 22 is National Voter Registration Day

Make Sure You're Registered to Vote
Honor those who fought for you. 

How Does the Electoral College Work?
And Why Don't We Get Rid of It?

What if Donald Trump Refuses to Leave Office?
Read This, Bill Maher.

2020 Allegheny County Primary Voting Information
​The Pennsylvania Voting Reform Act made some changes. 
The campaigns hide this information from the voters.


Read the Constitution

NPR:  2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates
Politico:  2020 Candidates on the Issues:  A Voter's Guide

Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee

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